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We started as conventional farm that plant chili, tomatoes, cabbages, etc and we found out how intense the use of factory-made fertilizer, pesticides etc that become residue in the food. we realize that we don't want to eat "this kind" of food, how can we provide "this kind" of food to others? because everytime we eat is an opportunity to Nourish ourselves.

So, in Kebun Kita, we are doing our best to find the most natural healthy food that we can to consume first before we sell because we believe in two things :

1. Healthy is the Key to Enjoy Life

2. Nature has provide us almost all we need


Kebun Kita appears to be the solution to maintain your healthy lifestyle and achieving long term goals in healthy life.

Kebun Kita offers Seeds, Nuts Beans Peas, Health Supplements, Rice Grain Flour, Condiments, Healthy Oils and Drinks, Dried Fruits, Bites and Organic Fresh Veggies & Fruits.

Consistently presents natural and organic products, Kebun Kita is ready to serve high quality product with guarantee and also available for same delivery service


Enjoy browsing, if you can't find what you need or get lost, please chat or contact us at +6281381200729 or +628121077350.

We happy to share what we know.


Salam Sehat

Enjoy being healthy

Kebun Kita Team

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